Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Word for a Play

Being pulled out of my language now speaking – witness translate I write – Our
Hands have never lied
Images hide a world – Images announce a world – describe what you see and go
Open up images – Do you see it – end of new eyes
What color is the black bird
Her name begins with the letter O or L and mine begins with me
not a sound – we haven`t created anything and lucky for leaks
That there is force between you and the crushing world is plenty
I want to remember what dreams are for – I don`t want to know what dreams mean
We will never be trained well enough like this
There will be no arrival – I am only speaking into you – Perhaps
the storyteller and the listener are the same – I write because I don`t know you at all
because outside agreements are a consideration I know I swore I`d never do it again
words create a simultaneous entry
The door is closed
The door is open
It began with a water drop – a drop of water
Textual kinship is good home training – It began with a text – translating yourselves to yourself
We are all in here
Can we choreograph my text – I don’t speak to say what I mean
I speak to our with that I may discover what I mean
What really needs to be said – we mustn`t quote each other anymore
Quotes are memory going deeper into where language shifts you
Write what happened to your body – where you went – not what was said
You were already there for so long – what opens us knows only the power of our organs
and collaboration and ears – I write to tell you I am here
that I will cut your fragments open your empty mouth ready

photo by Christelle Geiser

Thursday, September 28, 2017

8 October at 17h
Berekeley Books of Paris - 8 Rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006 Paris, France
With The Poets
Malik Ameer Crumpler
Jamika Ajalon
Bruce Edward Sherfield
and joining Fork Burke - Sebastian Rotzler

Sebastian Rotzler is a double-bass player, improviser and sound-creator. His work emphasizes experimental, improvised music with a strong attachment to composed aspects. His playing is inspired by associations, by developing sound patterns, but it can also outburst into sudden but still specific sound interventions.
Next to his own playing he initiated divers art- and music projects and plays together with different exponents of the improvised music-scene.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Checklist by Fork Burke

1 I gave birth in two languages
2 Too many words for flavor
3 Structure that helps follow the idea
4 remote control dream
5 Ask the cucumbers
6 Discomfort is one of the last pleasures
7 Where in the body is religion located
8 A missed shot
9 Pursuit of a temporary fix
10 The Fuckin Rabbit
11 The food we eat gives the energy back to the wine
12 Once a year I find a wallet
13 Liquid Rock
14 People are the ultimate fiction
15 full skin contact for texture and territorial identity
16 How have you trained yourself
17 It`s not the evil it`s the permission
18 all they be left with is fuckin their cousins and eatin squirrels
19 Places of sacred orgasmic known knowns
20 You gotta get your hands on it - get the written record and insert a little part of yourself
21 I seek no permission no equality
22 Nestled in Zermatt
23 Observation changed me too
24 Destroy it before they let you have it
25 A sense of terror
26 Less Unreadable
27 You have to say yes twice
28 Bifocal Foundation
29 Each step is a question Fed and Formed
30 YES
31 You want me to collaborate with my own demise
32 HA!
33 degrees
Life is A Cut-Up

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sound and Coffee was an interactive sound installation initiated by Nicolas Engel. It took place from December 2015 to June 2016 at Literaturcafé Biel, Switzerland. More than 40 artists were invited to perform live to the existing sounds from the musicians and the recorded environment. These sounds were recorded live and re-arranged for a new listening experience.

Lucien Dubuis / Jonas Kocher / Mathilde Bigler / Tobias Schramm / Jérémie Jolo / Michael Pauli / Hannes Prisi / Jan Buchholz / Simon Iten / Franziska Brücker / Daniel Erismann / Jeremy Mage / Amin Mokdad / Christian Müller / Henry Strongbox / Nick Porsche / Sirup Gagavil / Adrien Guerne / Andreas Reese / Vera Schneider / Rea Collins / Lionel Friedli / Emanuel Künzi / Olivier Toulemonde / Sven Widmer / Armelle Scholl / Judith Wegmann / Hans Koch / Tobias Meier / Barbara Gasser / Improvviso Youth Orchestra / Léa Legros / Sebastian Rotzler / Laura Schuler / Fork Burke / An Chen / Hannah E. Hänni / Hari Köchli / Samuel Müller / Sarah Elena Müller / Corina Schranz / Igor Stepniewski / Rea Dubach / Nicolas Engel

Vinyl Release Party is scheduled April 23, 2017 @ La Voirie in Biel/Bienne Switzerland - order new album here

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Checklist by Fork Burke


1 One way to destroy a country is to make a list
2 The Universe is playful and exact
3 What they want to remove is the memory of If you did it once You can do it again
4 We go from childhood to confusion
5 Not if I see you first
6 Perception is based on knowledge
7 The machines are always wrong
8 Subject Changers
9 Love Letters and sex substitutes
10 rubber parts and school laboratory furniture
11 replacements
12 You still believe...
13 Define crime
14 How do you think you spell it
15 Why are you asking
16 Rituals for the murdered
17 Bleeding gums
18 The food has no access to it`s information when it is produced like that
19 They either laughing at your god or profiting off your god
20 Until African greatness is understood we...
21 Spirituality is key
22 Watch as well as pray
23 You got to study it`s crimes as well as it`s virtue
24 Where it all comes from
25 It`s a good thing it`s inside you
26 Why I left
27 It`s painful but it`s true
28 If you don`t know you don`t know
29 The least you could do
30 When the French moved in they assumed nothing great had ever happened
31 North Africa - You know what happened
32 I`m a prisoner not a visiting scholar
33 Degrees

Sunday, April 30, 2017

56---> jamika & fork & hughes & burroughs

"Nowhere Blues," an audio-visual-poem cutup inspired by a Langston Hughes-William S. Burroughs collaboration between poets Jamika Ajalon and Fork Burke.